Personal Pronouns in Spanish  

Spanish 101 Personal Pronouns
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We use personal pronouns to talk about people without naming them.

yo I
él he, him
ella she, her
usted (Ud.) you (formal)
nosotros we, us
     nosotras we, us (females)
vosotros* you all
     vosotras* you all (females)
ellos they
ellas they (females)
ustedes     (Uds.) you all (formal)

*vosotros/as are mainly used in Spain.

Yo tengo tres gatitos.
     I have three kittens.
tienes una bicicleta.
     You have a bike.
Él tiene un coche.
     He has a car.
Ella tiene un perro.
     She has a dog.
Usted tiene asma.
     You have asthma.
Nosotros tenemos flores.
     We have flowers.
Ellos tienen chocolatinas.
     They have chocolate bars.
Ellas tienen muchos juguetes.
     They have lots of toys.
Ustedes tienen poco tiempo.
     You all have a little bit of time.

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