Verb deber - to owe, should, ought to  

Spanish 101 Deber
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We know that tener que means to have to.
Similarly, deber means must.
Deber is a regular -er verb.

yo debo I must
debes you must
Ud./él/ella debe you/he/she must
nosotros/as debemos we must
vosotros/as debéis you all must
Uds./ellos/ellas deben you all/they must

Yo no debo comer los tacos.
      I must not eat the tacos.
Tú debes estudiar todos los libros.
      You must study all the books.
Debe estar perfecto.
      It must be perfect.
Usted debe aplicar primero.
      You must apply first. (formal)
Debemos contener el fuego.
      We must contain the fire.
No, deben ser separados.
      No, they must be separate.

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