Days of the Week in Spanish  

Spanish 101 Days of the Week
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la semana tiene siete días
     the week has seven days

   lunes - Monday
   martes - Tuesday
   miércoles - Wednesday
   jueves - Thursday
   viernes - Friday
   sábado - Saturday
   domingo - Sunday

el fin de semana
     the weekend

When you refer to the days of the week you use the articles el (singular), los (plural) which usually mean "the", but when referring to days they mean "on".

Jugáis al póker los lunes.
     You all play poker on Mondays.
Mi tío llega el viernes.
     My uncle arrives on Friday.
Los sábados voy al gimnasio.
     On Saturdays I go to the gym.
No voy a la escuela el domingo.
     I don't go to school on Sundays.

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