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Spanish 101 Contractions
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A contracted article is a contraction between prepositions.

a = to      el = the      a + el = al

José camina al cine.
      José walks to the cinema.
¿Vamos al zoológico o al museo?
      We go to the zoo or to the museum?
¿Puedes ir al partido conmigo?
      Can you go to the game with me?

de = of/from/about      el = the      de + el = del

El niño está delante del colegio.
      The boy is in front of the school.
Él viene del cine.
      He comes from the cinema.
¿Qué le gusta del carro?
      What do you like about the car?

Note: The combinations below do NOT change!
a + la = a la
de + la = de la

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