Spanish Adverbs of Place  

Spanish 101 Adverbs of Place (Location)
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Adverbs of location express where the verb action is carried out.

cerca - near
lejos - far from
debajo - under
delante - in front of
detrás - behind
dentro - inside
afuera - outside

The most commonly used are the demonstratives:

aquí - here
allí - there (medium distance)
acá - here
allá - there (far away)

El museo está cerca de aquí.
      The museum is near here.
El gato está debajo de la mesa.
      The cat is under the table.
El perro está delante de la puerta.
      The dog is in front of the door.
Los niños están dentro de la casa.
      The kids are inside of the house.

Note: sobre, ante, bajo are not adverbs of place. They're prepositions.

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