Verb conocer - to know  

Spanish 101 Conocer
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The verb conocer (to know) is a regular -er verb EXCEPT the yo form, which ends in zco.
We use conocer when we want to say we know someone, or personally know a place.

yo conozco I know
conoces you know
Ud./él/ella conoce you/he/she knows
nosotros/as conocemos we know
vosotros/as conocéis you all know
Uds./ellos/ellas conocen you all/they know

Yo conozco a María.
      I know María.
¿Conoces Bilbao?
      You know Bilbao? (Have you been to Bilbao?)
Ella conoce a Pedro.
      She knows Pedro.
Nosotros conocemos a tu vecina.
      We know your neighbor.
Ellas conocen a mi tío.
      They know my uncle.
Ustedes conocen a mi papá.
      You all know my dad. (formal)

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