Verb saber - to know  

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The verb saber (to know) is a regular -er verb EXCEPT the yo form, which is . We use saber when we know facts, know from memory, or know how to do something.

yo I know
sabes you know
Ud./él/ella sabe you/he/she knows
nosotros/as sabemos we know
vosotros/as sabéis you all know
Uds./ellos/ellas saben you all/they know

Yo la verdad.
      I know the truth.
sabes cocinar.
      You know how to cook.
Él no sabe nada.
      He knows nothing.
Nosotras sabemos la lección.
      We know the lesson. (feminine)
Tus padres saben conducir.
      Your parents know how to drive.

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