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Hispanics are the largest minority in the USA! As Hispanic populations increase, you and your staff must interact more with Spanish speaking clients. Let's listen to some simple conversation:

Este es el apartamento.
This is the apartment.

¿Le gusta el apartamento?
Do you like the apartment?

Los electrodomésticos son nuevos.
The appliances are new.

Este es un vecindario seguro.
This is a safe neighborhood.

El depósito es de doscientos dólares.
The deposit is $200.

Por favor llene la aplicación.
Please fill out the application.

Tiene agua muy caliente.
It has very hot water.

Necesitamos verificar su crédito.
We need to do a credit check.

Hay poco crimen.
There is low crime.

La ventana está rota.
The window is broken.

El apartamento no está amueblado.
The apartment is not furnished.

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