Ambos, todos, cada  

Grammar Spanish Adjectives Ambos, Todos, Cada

Ambos (both), todos (all) and cada (every or each) are indefinite adjectives/pronouns that take different forms - Ambos and todos must agree in gender and number with the noun.


Me he lastimado ambos hombros.
I have injured both shoulders. (adjective)

Me lastimé ambas piernas.
I injured both legs. (adjective)


Yo le pagaré todos los viernes.
I will pay you every Friday. (adjective)

Cierre todos los programas que no está usando.
Close all the programs you are not using. (adjective)

Ese es el más rico de todos.
That one is the richest of them all.(pronoun)

La mayoría de clientes ahorran algo de cada pago.
Most customers save some of each paycheck.

Ponga el precio en cada caja.
Place a price tag on each box.

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