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Spanish Grammar The Imperative - Commands Affirmative Tú Commands

Informal commands are used with close friends and family. Direct affirmative commands are formed dropping the s from the tú form in the present tense. Let's look at some examples:

Tú comes la zanahoria. - You eat the carrot.

drop the "s" in a command:
Come la sopa mientras esté calientita.
Eat the soup while it is still warm!

Tú hablas español. - You speak Spanish.

drop the "s" in a command:
¡Juan, habla español en la clase!
Juan, speak Spanish in the class!

Tú corres a la escuela. - You run to school.
drop the "s" in a command:
¡Corre tú y salva tu vida!
Run and save your life!

More examples:

Y vive tu vida que yo sabré vivir la mía.
And live your life that I will know how to live mine.

Camina tú y yo iré contigo.
Walk and I will go with you.

Toma este tenedor.
Take this fork.

Juan ¡apúrate!
Juan, hurry up!

¡Ayuda a tu abuela!
Help your grandmother!

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