Interactive Quizlets with Informal Commands 2  

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Quiz 1

Write the command given by people in the following situations.

Example : The owner tells the tenant to pay the rent.

Answer : Paga la renta.

1. The professor tells her student to open her book.
______ el libro.

2. The mom tells her child to eat more.
______ más.

3. Sandra wants her sisters to tell the truth.
______ la verdad.

4. The dad tells his son to put his backpack on the floor.
______ la mochila en el piso.

5. The counselor tells his advisee to take intermediate Spanish.
______ español intermedio.

6. Mark tells his best friend to go to class.
______ a clase.

7. The grandparents tell their grandchildren to be good.
______ buenos.

8. Dad tells his daughter to write her homework.
______ la tarea.

9. Maggie tells Paul to take the first bus.
______ el primer autobús.

10. Jack tells Sonia to sell her car.
______ tu carro.

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Quiz 2
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