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Instructions & Pricing
Levels: Beginner to Superior
School Size: Small
Deposit or Fee: US $0.00

Individual Instruction
- Hourly Cost: US $20.00

Class Instruction
- Class Size: 2-5
- Hours per Week: 25
- Weekly Cost: US $250- 325
- Min. Weeks Study: 1

  • Home-stay with family
  • Hotel
  • Hostel
  • B&B

Museum and art gallery visits, Cooking classes, Cultural experiences, Excursions and sightseeing (additional cost), Discussion groups, Movie nights

Special Programs

Day Of The Dead , Mexican Independence & Revolution , Women in Mexican Art and Culture , Flavors of Mexico , The Virgin of Guadalupe , The Rhythm Of Mexico, Programs for teachers and educators , Programs for kids and teens


Free wi-fi, Lounge, Coffee and tea included, Lunch included, Garden


Habla combines international best practices in language teaching to create a Spanish learning experience that is inspiring and unique. At Habla our goal is for you to learn Spanish, meet a creative group of fellow students and teachers, enjoy your classes every day, and leave Habla saying that it was one of the best language experiences of your life.

Habla has five key principles that are the foundation of all classroom experiences:

1. Community. We know that learning a language can be hard, so our first emphasis is on creating a warm and supportive learning environment in and out of the classroom. Classrooms focus on language generation leaving plenty of room for trying things out and learning from mistakes. At Habla, every day begins with casual conversations in Spanish over coffee and tea and all students and teachers take a mid-day break to enjoy a range of Mexican foods together around a large table.

2. Meaning. Every day we need to use language to communicate: from ordering at a restaurant to asking questions on the street. But we mostly use our language to talk about our lives, our families, our work, and to meet new people. At Habla our primary focus is on communicating meaningful experiences and telling stories. If you are able to communicate in meaningful ways, the day-to-day communication is much easier.

3. Student-Centered Learning. We know that all students learn differently. Some need to move around the room and not sit in a seat for hours on end. Others need explicit grammar instruction. Some like to read and discuss literature in Spanish. We all learn differently, so at Habla we have small classes and our teachers are expert at tailoring instruction to your specific needs.

4. Spanish Instruction at your Level. It can be very frustrating to be a beginning learner of Spanish and be placed in a classroom where everyone is much more advanced than you. The opposite is true as well. An advanced learner is ready to fly and feels slowed down by reviewing basic grammar structures. At Habla we have a team of teachers ready every week to offer Spanish courses at different levels.

5. Integrating Culture and Experience. We believe that language is intricately woven into a people’s history and culture. Visual art, literature, architecture, food, and music all are part of the complex fabric of language. In a variety of ways, our classrooms move beyond the technical aspects of language learning to give you insight into Mérida, the Yucatán, México, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

We hope you’ll join us.

Request Information from this School   http://www.habla.org/

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