I'm enjoying the lay back culture of this place  

Title: I'm enjoying the lay back culture of this place
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

We had our first Mexican cooking lesson yesterday after going to the market with our Spanish shopping list. Waiting to see what they produced was very entertaining. It was interesting learning to cook with the teacher speaking Spanish, it was all put into context when the action was put with the word. Eating our creation was the best part of the lesson. Muy bien. After cooking we headed off to our respective classes. The class went for 3 hours straight with No break. In my Spanish class there was only another woman and her name was also Carrie. She was the evil Carrie. It was like having two teachers in the class and I wasn't one of them. It was bad enough that the real teacher spoke only to us in Spanish even though he can speak Spanish and English but Carrie kept telling me to do my homework & study & these are the easy parts. I think she is really a Mexican and it's her native tongue. I like to ask a lot of questions when learning so this was difficult when the answer was given to me in Spanish. Martin got used to my blank look. That was my first and last Spanish lesson in Mexico. Jessica goes to class and I study at my leisure with my Spanish books, nibbles and drinks. Poor Jessica has to ask for a break from her class. The things we do! I now understand why Mexican people have a siesta in the afternoon between 2-4pm. It is so hot you cannot be bothered doing much at all except rest. Because of the siesta they then party well into the night when the weather is much more comfortable. There are always people everywhere eating and playing music. Family, food & music are the things I've noticed the most with food stalls out on the footpaths or anywhere they can fit their carts. The whole family seems to be out enjoying the festivities and it is amazing how many of the locals play a musical instrument. They are a very lay back culture which I'm enjoying immensely.

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