It is nice to have friends.  

Title: It is nice to have friends.
Location: Bilbao, Spain

Last night, I met Pablo at a great tapas bar or as they also called them here here “pinchos”. I actually don’t care what they called, they are fun! I met Pablo while traveling to Latin America in 2001. I’m happy to see him again, he is a nice fellow. Today, Pablo took me to Universidad de Deusto. Established in the 19th century and run by Jesuits, this university has been the alma mater of very successful people according to Pablo. All in all, the neighborhood has a rather student-like feeling and is filled with bars, cafes, restaurants. It is a great place to hang out at night. I’m supposed to meet Pablo’s family and girlfriend tonight. It should be fun and interesting. My mother was born in Barcelona, but her parents moved when she was only 3. I cannot speak much Catalan or Spanish, that will be a little embarrassing. I know, I know, I should take Spanish classes. Thursday, I’m visiting Rekalde and I will hike to Pagasarri hill. I have been told that it promises splendid views. is reached by crossing the highway to Larrasquitu. This is a popular excursion. Bilbao is an interesting place. It is major seaport due to its location on the Nervion river. I love all there is to do. I wish I can spend more time here, but Friday, I plan to head to a biosphere reserve. Pablo highly recommends it. It is a large marsh formed by a river as it flows into the sea. This area is very densely populated, but I’m impressed with all the beautiful nature. I’ll keep you guys posted.

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