Waking up to roosters  

Title: Waking up to roosters
Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

We woke to roosters, howling white face monkeys...and, the sweet sound of construction next door...all at the bewitching hour of 6am. We got up early as we had to eat and catch the tico bus to Manual Antonio Natural Park...as we wanted to get there early and hike the trails to experience the park at its livliest. We "hired" a guide for a private tour...just the 4 of us... named "skinny" or "flacko"....I kept making a folding motion with my hands as if i were going to fold flako up and stick him in my pocket to take him home...as he was bob's type---a souvenir of sorts. He carried a telescope and pointed out all sorts of things the naked eye would never see...sleeping bats, sleeping hawk, a 2 toed sloth, many white faced monkeys--too cute...and a jesus christ lizard that fell from the canopy from about 20' up...to which Mike remarked..."oh it would make a nice hand bag"...not realizing the fall would not kill it. At some point along the trail, we heard "howling monkeys"...which according to flako are rare to be seen in MA park. We stood around looking with other guides and groups trying to find the canopy where they were screeching from....which could be heard from a mile away...hence, they could be ANY where...when, I, in a clearing looked thru the jungle to a large black mass moving in the tree tops....I then proclaimed..." I found them"....immediately EVERYONE ran over---guides amazed, groups falling over themselves to set up there telescopes to peer for themselves....to which one rather large hippie women asked if she could look thru OUR telescope(which we paid $100 for)--and, tried to explain that "i was in the group before..i paid and it is ok can i look"...to which flako replied..."no". At which time, Billy made the folding motion about flacko...we loved him and had a great times seeing nature and this incredible country. Once outside the park is a market of sorts....serongs, trinkets, t shirts, pots, etc...all set up along the beach. there we fell upon henna artist...WHO, by the way was a dark, beautiful tica...who i wanted to fold up and take home. instead, i convinced Billy to get a gecko tat on his neck...so i could photo Billy? Now I am off to my Spanish immersion class. It really helps me to communicate with the locals, and tour guides, etc.

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