I love it!  

Title: I love it!
Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Things have been AMAZING here in Costa Rica. The week in San Jose went well. Me, Sara, Katy, Paulo, his brother and girlfriend are going to Daddy Yankee on June 8th! We got VIP tickets and I´m so excited! This past weekend we went to Manuel Antonio and it was so much fun. We arrived Friday around noon and swam at the beach and pool all day. One of the coolest things happened, when we were sitting at the pool drinking, a monkey was jumping around the trees right next to the tree. It was the first time I had seen a monkey in its own habitat and not in a zoo or park. That night we went to eat at El Avion and everyone left but me, Katy, Nikki and Jon. We stayed behind and drank and marveled at the cute members of the band. Well Jon didn't do that part. Later, we took a taxi back to the hotel and we decided to go walk down the beach. We found a discoteca on the beach and we went there and danced and of course drank some more. Me and Nikki found some Latin dancers and were doing the Salse, Meregue or some kind of dance I don't know. We both had no idea what we were doing, but we didn't care. Some guy told Katy that she looked 32 so she got upset and went home. We laughed about it later because obviously that guy was an idiot. The next day we went to the Manuel Antonio Park and saw even more monkeys. We even saw a Sloth and a Tapir. Me, Katy and Nikki got split up from the group and one of the monkeys we saw tried to pee on us. Apparently that is normal? After walking around the park we spent the rest of the time at the beach. That night we went out to eat and then spent some time at the bar above the restaurant before returning to the discoteca. It ends up we were in a gay bar and didn't even know it. I got my tan back that I had lost in San Jose so overall it was great weekend! Now It's back to Spanish immersion classes! The school here is great, and I need to get some studying done.

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