Arrived in La Paz after hours of torture  

Title: Arrived in La Paz after hours of torture
Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Arrived in La Paz after 12 hours of torture. The overnight bus we took from Uyuni was smelly, freezing cold and squeezy. La Paz is the highest capital city of the world, located at 3,600m in the high valley of the Andes. It gives me a modern city feeling mixed with a little indigenous feel. Many of the older generation are still dressed in their traditional Bolivian costumes. The market scene here is really lively. The market is the perfect place to use my newly learned Spanish from the immersion classes I have been taking. The things they sell range from Bolivian snacks, toiletries, handicrafts, accessories etc. At Plaza San Francisco, it´s always crowded with lots of people at all times of the day. There´s an active speakers´corner and the audience seem really participative too. Wonder what are they raving about. Visited yet another Valle de la Luna. The reason for this name is because the rock formations are supposed to look like landscape in the moon. Well, I dunno if it´s true since I´ve not visited the moon but I did enjoy the journey there on the local mini-bus. Got to see more of La Paz, with closer look at the houses built on the side of the mountains and observe how the people here live.

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