They are all very nice  

Title: They are all very nice
Location: Caracas, Venezuela

This morning was my last meeting. I have officially started my vacation in Caracas. The people in the office where very excited when I told them that I was spending a few more days in their country. They all wanted to help, so they gave me a list of places to visit, places to eat and two people, Mario y Ana Maria invited me to go to their home for dinner. Celeste a quiet young woman said that a trip to the beach is mandatory. Don Pablito said that I could not leave the country without eating arepas and his wife is the expert. I don’t know what I’m going to do since I only have a few days. They are all very nice. One of the places that I was recommended to visit while in the city is El parque del Este o Parque Rómulo Betancourt. I believe it is located in the east part of Caracas. This a favorite place for joggers. I mentioned to the people in the office that I wanted to hike Avila. Cristina, a lively sweet Venezuelan said that I should not go alone and she and her friends would go with me. We decided to go on Saturday morning. That’ll be fun!!!! There is nothing like having the locals as your guides. And tomorrow night, I’m going to Ana Maria’s for an authentic Venezuelan meal. I can’t wait! : ) By the way, I ended up taking 4 Spanish lessons online. I was very happy with service.

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