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No one will ever make me regret what I did.
Nadie logrará que yo me arrepienta de haber hecho lo que hice.
I don't regret that I came here.
No me arrepiento de haber venido.
We regret that you all let this occasion pass.
Nos pesó que dejarais pasar esta ocasión.
You regret that he didn't obtain a steady position.
Te pesó que no obtuviera un puesto fijo.
You will regret that, I swear.
Te arrepentirás de eso, te lo juro.
After having studied your application carefully, we regret we won't be able to accept it.
Tras haber examinado atentamente su candidatura, lamentamos no poder aceptarla.
I regret that it did not do so.
Lamento que no lo hiciera.
That is what I regret most.
Lo lamento profundamente.
We regret this toning down.
Lamentamos este debilitamiento.
I can only regret that.
Lo lamento.
I say this with regret.
Lo digo con pesar.
I very much regret that.
Lo lamento mucho.
I can only regret this.
Lo lamento.
That is something I regret.
Es lamentable.
We regret that this has not been the case.
Todo esto no se hizo y lo lamentamos.
That is something that we both regret.
Esto es algo que los dos lamentamos.
Which is something we both regret.
Y es algo que ambos lamentamos.
I very much regret that.
Lo siento muchísimo.
I very much regret this.
Lo siento muchísimo.
There are some points I regret.
Pero lamento algunos puntos.
I very much regret that.
Lo siento muchísimo.
I would regret it very much if we could not.
Lamentaría mucho que no pudiéramos lograrlo.
This is something that we regret.
Lamentamos esto.
I very much regret that.
Lo siento.
Why, then, do I have this huge regret?
¿Por qué mis reticencias, entonces?
It is not, I deeply regret.
No se refleja, y lo lamento profundamente.
I do not regret that choice.
No lamento aquella elección.
I regret that this occurred.
Lamento que haya ocurrido.
I very much regret this.
Lo lamento mucho.
I regret that that has not been possible.
Lamento que eso no haya sido posible.
As a Finn, I regret that.
Soy finlandés y lo lamento.
There are some items of regret.
Hay algunos motivos de lamentación.
I regret to have to say that.
Lamento tener que decirlo.
We can only regret that.
Sólo cabe lamentarlo.
It is a matter of regret that is not in.
Es de lamentar que no haya sido así,
I very much regret that.
Lo lamento profundamente.
We very much regret this.
Lo lamentamos.
That is not a complaint, it is a regret.
Yo no me lamento, no me quejo.
I can only regret that.
Esto sólo puedo lamentarlo.
I regret this very much.
Lo lamento.
I regret we did not have that chance.
Lamento no haber tenido esa posibilidad.
We regret that cannot be done.
Lamentamos que esto no pueda hacerse.
Of course I regret this.
Como es natural, lo lamento.
I regret this very much.
Lo lamento mucho.
That is what I regret so deeply.
Eso es lo que lamento profundamente.
I too wholeheartedly regret this situation.
Comparto totalmente las quejas que manifiesta usted.
This is something which I very much regret.
Es algo que lamento profundamente.
Yet it is not enough to regret the situation.
No basta con el ejercicio del arrepentimiento.
We of course regret this, but the fact remains.
Aunque lo lamentemos, así es.
For all these reasons, I regret, once again, to say that I have voted against.
Por todas estas razones, e insisto, con pesar, he votado en contra.
I therefore regret that it is not mentioned in this proposal.
¡Por eso lamento tanto que no se mencione en la propuesta!
We regret that our amendment was not approved.
Lamentamos que no se haya aprobado nuestra posición.
Of course. It is a source of regret to me, too.
Por supuesto, Señora Thyssen, que lo lamento tanto como usted.
So I regret that I cannot accept this amendment.
Por tanto, lamento no poder aceptar esta enmienda.
I say that with deep regret.
Lo digo con verdadera pena.
I particularly regret the fact that it is not more ambitious.
Lamento, en particular, que no vaya más lejos.

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