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Diana and Vanesa have danced the Flamenco for many years.
Diana y Vanesa han bailado flamenco por muchos años.
Lucía would have danced at the club.
Lucía hubiese bailado en la discoteca.
The Afro-Cuban dances are danced with a lot of energy.
Las danzas afrocubanas se bailan con mucha energía.
We will have danced tomorrow morning.
Nosotros habremos bailado mañana en la noche.
The evening would be perfect if he danced at least one dance with me.
La velada sería perfecta si bailara por lo menos un baile conmigo.
The evening would have been perfect if he had danced at least one dance with me.
La velada habría sido perfecta si hubiera bailado por lo menos un baile conmigo.
The girl sang (was singing) while we danced (were dancing).
La muchacha cantaba mientras bailábamos.
They would have danced if they had gone to the party.
Ellos habrían bailado si hubiesen ido a la fiesta.
The Congress danced, but it did not achieve anything.
El Congreso baila pero no hace avanzar nada.
It would seem that even then, people were making music that nobody danced to.
En aquella ocasión ya se hizo música a cuyo ritmo nadie baila.
The next day, celebrations erupted in Times Square and Piccadilly Circus; cheering crowds danced along the Champs-Elysées and the town squares throughout the allied world.
Al día siguiente, las celebraciones estallaban en Times Square y Picadilly Circus, las multitudes vitoreaban y bailaban por los Campos Elíseos y las plazas de las ciudades en todo el mundo aliado.

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