Spanish Word for thought  

English Word: thought

Spanish Word: pensamiento
The Spanish Word for thought
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Translated sentences containing 'thought'
You thought we were on a vacation.
Usted pensaba que nosotros estábamos de vacaciones.
I thought that she gave them to him.
Yo creía que ella se las dio a él.
I thought that you all would do the homework before the class.
Yo creía que ustedes harían la tarea antes de la clase.
It seemed to me that there was no other option.
Me parecía que no había otra opción.
It's more expensive than thought.
Es más caro de lo que creí.
I thought that the boys would do the homework before the class.
Yo creía que los muchachos harían la tarea antes de la clase.
I thought that Mary had done the homework.
Yo creía que María había hecho la tarea.
He has thought of her for that role.
Ha pensado en ella para ese papel.
I thought that he would do his homework in the afternoon.
Yo creía que él haría sus tareas por la tarde.
I thought that Mary would do her homework this afternoon.
Creía que María haría sus tareas esta tarde.
We thought that she was pretty.
Creíamos que ella era bonita.
I thought that she was coming now.
Pensé que ella venía ahora.
I thought that she had gone to bed.
Creía que ella se había acostado.
I have thought that I will not be able to come. I thought that I could not come.
He pensado que no podré venir. Pensé que no podría venir.
They were going to sell it, but they thought they'd better not.
La iban a vender, pero se arrepintieron.
I thought that she was going to take it.
Yo creía que ella la iba a tomar.
I thought that John was going to help me.
Yo creía que Juan me iba a ayudar.
Mary thought that I was going to help her.
María creía que yo la iba a ayudar.
I thought that you had given the money to John.
Yo creía que le habías dado el dinero a Juan.
We thought you would come with us.
Pensábamos que vendrías con nosotros.

Who would have thought it?
¿Quién lo hubiera pensado?
It has not been thought through.
No has sido bien meditada.
They thought I was the Commissioner - perish the thought!
Creían que yo era la Comisaria... ¡Pobre de mí!
But this thought must be thought out to the end.
Sólo queda repensar y llevar a sus últimas consecuencias esta concepción.
So further thought is necessary.
Por lo tanto se necesita una mayor reflexión.
I thought that was the case.
He creído comprender que era ésa la cuestión.
Why can't the UK do the same I thought.
¿Por qué el Reino Unido no puede hacer lo mismo?, pensé.
I thought it was very interesting.
Me pareció muy interesante.
This is worse than we thought.
Esto es peor que lo que pensábamos.
That is a frightening thought.
Resulta una idea aterradora.
This is food for thought.
Esto nos da qué pensar.
Has this been properly thought out?
¿Se ha meditado bien sobre esto?
Is any thought being given to this?
¿Se ha reflexionado sobre esto?
Nobody has thought this through.
Nadie ha pensado en ello.
Has the Commission thought about this?
¿Se lo ha planteado la Comisión?
And all this with no thought of who would pay.
Y todo esto sin pensar ni siquiera quién pagará.
Who would ever have thought it?
¿Quién lo había podido imaginar antes?
Now there is a thought.
Es una idea.
This is what I thought you would say.
Era lo que pensaba que iba a decir.
We should give this some thought.
Deberíamos considerarlo.
It was not thought to be necessary.
Se pensó que no era necesario.
That, too, requires some thought.
Esto también requiere nuestra atención.
I thought they were subjects.
Creía que eran súbditos.
I have one more thought.
Una cosa más.
We thought you were a liberal.
Creíamos que era usted un liberal.
I have a general thought.
Y una reflexión general.
Nobody has thought about that.
No se ha hecho ninguna reflexión al respecto.
I leave you with this thought.
Les dejo con este pensamiento.
It is a ludicrous thought.
Es una idea ridícula.
A thought did occur to me.
Me ha asaltado una duda.
There is food for thought here.
Algunos elementos deberían hacernos reflexionar.
Today, we have witnessed a defeat of thought, a defeat of economic thought and a defeat of political thought.
Hoy hemos asistido a una derrota del pensamiento, del pensamiento económico y del pensamiento político.
I thought that it was quite superb.
Lo he encontrado magnífico.
I think we should give this some thought.
Creo que este punto es digno de reflexión.
Has any thought been given to the matter?
¿Se está pensando en este sentido?
I would like to finish off with the following thought.
Quisiera concluir mi discurso con la siguiente reflexión.
And we thought there was solidarity in Europe.
Pensábamos que Europa era solidaria.
I would like to add one more thought.
Permítanme que añada aún una idea.
There are two schools of thought here.
Aquí existen dos principios básicos.
As a result of that, we thought the matter was resolved.
Por todo esto, creímos que el asunto había quedado zanjado.
I know that the outcome of this was thought to be unpleasant.
Sé que los resultados de la misma no se consideran agradables.
We would never have thought otherwise.
No me cabe duda.
I thought that this was at a more advanced stage.
Yo pensaba que esto estaba más adelantado.
However, I do not agree with this line of thought.
Sin embargo, no estoy de acuerdo con ello.
I would have thought that he would have had a minute to share with us.
Pensaba que tendría un minuto que compartir con nosotros.
We should, therefore, give thought to our responsibilities.
Por tanto, hemos de interrogarnos acerca de nuestras responsabilidades.
I think there is food for thought here.
Creo que aquí hay materia para la reflexión.
I cannot quite follow this line of thought.
No puedo estar de acuerdo con ello.
I shall reply that we should have thought of this before.
Les contestaré que había que pensar en ello antes.
I tried to ask him what he thought of the regulation.
Traté de preguntarle qué pensaba al respecto.
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