Spanish Word for seems  

English Word: seems

Spanish Word: aparente
The Spanish Word for seems
Now you know how to say seems in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'seems'
It's more expensive than it seems.
Es más caro de lo que parece.
The corduroy outfit seems too wide to me.
El conjunto de pana me parece demasiado ancho.
To me it seems like little luggage.
A mí me parece poco equipaje.
Good evening, what's the problem?
Buenas noches, ¿cuál es el problema?
Your cornea seems to be very sensitive.
Su córnea parece estar muy sensible.
Do you believe that this project is as complex as it seems?
¿Crees que este proyecto es tan complejo como parece?
This desk seems expensive to us.
Nos parece caro este escritorio.
I am fascinated by the terrace but it seems small to you.
A mí me fascina la terraza, pero a ti te parece pequeña.
What appears to be the problem?
¿Cuál parece ser el problema?
It seems to me that he is somewhat angry.
Me parece que está algo enojado.
Her face seems very familiar.
Su cara me resulta muy familiar.
He seems more handsome than what he is.
Parece más guapo de lo que es.
Let’s sit down and wait for her until 9:45, which seems logical to me.
Sentémonos y esperémosla hasta las diez menos cuarto, lo cual me parece lógico.
I met him the other day and he seems to have a nice character.
Lo conocí el otro día y parece que tiene un carácter muy agradable.
It appears that it is going to rain.
Parece que va a llover.
It seems you have worked it all out down to the last detail.
Parece que has calculado todo hasta el más mínimo detalle.
He's so strange that he seems like an extra-terrestrial.
Es tan extraño que parece un extraterrestre.
He seems to be a very smart kid.
El parece ser un muchacho muy inteligente.
It seems to me that you're very easily scared.
Se me hace que eres muy miedosa.
This place seems like a brothel.
Ese lugar parece un prostíbulo.

There seems not to be.
No es el caso.
It seems to me that it does not.
Me parece que no.
This seems to be unacceptable to me.
Me parece inaceptable.
This seems unacceptable to me.
Me parece inaceptable.
He seems to be obsessed by them.
Parece obsesionado por ello.
That seems to be all that matters.
Parece que sólo esto es importante.
It seems to me that is a mistake.
Y eso me parece un error.
This seems very good to me.
Todo esto me parece muy bien.
That seems incredible to me.
Es algo que me parece increíble.
That seems to be working.
Eso parece estar funcionando.
This seems to be a loophole.
Parece ser que hay una laguna.
This seems too long to me.
Este período me parece demasiado largo.
That seems to be the problem.
Parece ser que ahí es donde radica el problema.
It seems not, just this once!
Parece que no, ¡al menos esta vez!
He seems to have misunderstood this.
Parece haber malinterpretado este asunto.
It seems to me that we could be more efficient than this.
Creo que podríamos dar muestra de una mayor eficiencia.
That seems reasonable to me.
Me parece razonable.
This is what it seems to have come down to.
A esto parece que se ha reducido todo.
That is what seems disproportionate.
Eso es lo que parece desproporcionado.
This seems to me very strange.
Me resulta muy extraño.
It seems that we all agree on this.
Parece que ahí estamos todos de acuerdo.
That seems to me to be very important.
Me parece muy importante.
That seems obvious to me.
A mi juicio, es necesaria.
So that seems to me to be worth while.
En mi opinión, esto tiene mucho valor.
This seems to me to be essential.
Esto me parece esencial.
There seems to be some misunderstanding.
Parece haber algún malentendido.
And it seems that it has done what it had to do.
De hecho, ha hecho ya lo que debía hacer.
This seems obvious to me.
Creo que es evidente.
This seems a lot to me.
Me parece que es mucho.
It seems there is proof of this.
Parece que hay pruebas de ello.
That seems clear to me.
Me parece evidente.
That seems wrong to me.
Eso no me parece justo.
This seems important to me.
Esto me parece importante.
That seems obvious but it is not.
Parece algo obvio, pero no lo es.
This seems wrong to me.
Me parece incorrecto.
That seems reasonable to me; it also seems to me in the interest of this entire House.
Eso me parece razonable, también me parece que va en interés de toda esta Cámara.
This seems to me to be a workable solution.
Creo que es una buena fórmula.
That seems to me to be rather too long.
Esto me parece demasiado tiempo.
It seems to me that something is missing from this programme.
En resumen, yo creo que en el programa faltan algunas cosas.
This seems to be a good thing and useful.
Creo que es bueno y me parece útil.
It seems that the Albania factor is being underestimated.
Parece, sin embargo, que el factor Albania se subestima.
It seems to me a fitting description of them.
A mí me parece que es una acertada descripción.
It seems that the Commission has not responded.
Todo parece indicar que la Comisión no ha respondido a ninguna de ellas.
It seems to me that the Commission figures are aspirational.
A mí me parece que las cifras de la Comisión son una "aspiración" .
All of this seems quite reasonable.
Todo eso parece razonable.
It seems to me that is a perfectly reasonable position.
Me parece que ésa es una posición perfectamente razonable.
This seems to be the pattern for the Summit in Cairo too.
Lo mismo parece suceder con la imagen de la Cumbre celebrada en El Cairo.
It seems to me that this vote could be a watershed.
Tengo la sensación de que esta votación podría ser crucial.
It seems that the Council cannot easily accept it.
En el Consejo parece que tampoco lo tiene fácil.
It seems that the direction is not always clear.
Parece ser que la dirección de desplazamiento no es siempre clara.
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