Spanish Word for seem  

English Word: seem

Spanish Word: parecer, mirarse
The Spanish Word for seem
Now you know how to say seem in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'seem'
How does the guitarist seem to you all?
A ustedes, ¿ qué les parece el guitarrista ?
Doesn't it seem too classic to you?
¿ A usted no le parece que es demasiado clásico ?
It didn't seem right to me that you made the doctor wait.
A mí me pareció muy mal que ustedes hubieran hecho esperar al doctor.
It doesn’t seem to be of good quality.
No me parece de buena calidad.
They don't seem authentic.
No parecen verdaderas.
Did the ending seem very strong to you?
¿Tan fuerte te pareció el final?
They seem to be in a hurry.
Ellos parecen tener prisa.
Does it seem like a good idea to you?
¿Te parece una buena idea?
Does Kant's philosophical thought seem absurd to you?
¿Te resulta absurdo el pensamiento filosófico de Kant?
I get so red that I seem like a prawn.
Me pongo tan rojo que parezco un camarón.

There do not seem to be any.
Parece que no la hay.
That would seem odd to me.
Me parece raro.
There do not seem to be any objections.
No es así.
He does not seem to agree with you.
Ahora bien, éste no opina lo mismo que usted.
This could seem ridiculous, but it is not at all.
Podría parecer insignificante, pero en modo alguno lo es.
Not at this moment, it would seem.
Bien, no desea hacerlo por el momento.
That would seem wrong to me.
Me parece un error.
This does not seem to be the case.
Y no parece que este sea el caso.
They seem to be twofold.
Parecen ser de dos tipos.
We seem to have seen it all before.
Parece como si todo esto ya lo hubiéramos visto antes.
It does not seem enough.
A mí no me lo parece.
That does indeed seem to be so.
Así parece que se hará.
That would seem more appropriate.
Parece más apropiado.
This does not seem acceptable to me.
No me parece aceptable.
This does not seem acceptable to me.
Esto no me parece aceptable.
That does not seem to be the case.
No es el caso.
That does not seem to be the case.
Ése no parece ser el caso.
But that does not seem to be happening.
Pero parece que no lo hacen.
This does not seem to work.
Parece que esto no funciona.
In vain it would seem!
Por lo visto inútilmente.
At the moment they do not seem to be harmful, but nor do they seem to be entirely harmless.
En este momento no está demostrado que sean lesivas pero tampoco está demostrado que sean inocuas.
This, however, does not seem feasible.
Esto, no obstante, no fue posible.
Starvation and epidemics seem inevitable.
Existe el riesgo de hambre y de epidemias.
It does not seem to us to be the right place for it.
No nos parece el sitio adecuado para ello.
Amendment No 1 does not seem to be necessary.
La enmienda nº 1 no parece necesaria.
These are facts which we all seem to have forgotten for the time being.
Todas éstas son cosas que parecemos olvidar en este momento.
But it would seem that there are always problems with this in practice.
Pero parece ser que también en esta situación concreta aparecen siempre problemas.
But a soft landing does seem possible.
No obstante, parece posible que el aterrizaje sea suave.
Absurd it may seem, but that is how things are!
Absurdo, pero así es la realidad.
Indeed, the problem does not seem to have been resolved.
Efectivamente, el problema no tiene visos de arreglarse.
Those things seem to me to be enormously important.
Estas cosas me parecen de enorme importancia.
Therefore, there does not seem to be any need for further studies.
Por esa razón, no parece que se justifiquen nuevos estudios.
The others seem to me to be perfectly reasonable.
Las demás me parecen perfectamente razonables.
The Irish lesson does not seem to have been understood.
La lección irlandesa parece no haber sido entendida.
They seem to have evaporated into thin air.
Parece que todo esto se ha evaporado y ha desaparecido.
I am very disappointed that this does not seem to be the case.
Estoy muy decepcionado de que este sea aparentemente el caso.
That does not seem a very promising road to go down.
No considero esto como una vía prometedora.
They seem to worry the rapporteur.
Parecen preocupar al ponente.
There seem to me to be two requirements in this.
En mi opinión existen dos requisitos.
That would seem to be a large number.
Este número parece bastante elevado.
But the administration cannot seem to find any other solution.
Pero la administración parece que no encuentra otros caminos.
There did not seem to be any objections though.
Pero aparentemente, no había ninguna oposición.
There does not seem to be a problem there either.
Por lo tanto, creo que no existe ningún problema al respecto.
Unfortunately the Commission does not seem prepared to do this.
Por desgracia, la Comisión no parece dispuesta a hacerlo.
It would seem that this carrot has not been enough.
Al parecer esta zanahoria no ha sido suficiente.
I think that does not seem to work at all.
Creo que esto no funcionaría en absoluto.
You seem to be negotiating with a hawk Commissioner!
¡Parece que está usted negociando con un halcón, Comisario!
Unfortunately, it does not seem to be there yet.
Lamentablemente, no parece que ya exista.
This does not seem to be the case at present.
A fecha de hoy, eso no parece ser así.
Indeed it does seem obvious.
Y en efecto parece muy obvia.
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