Spanish Word for pediatrician  

English Word: pediatrician

Spanish Word: pediatra
The Spanish Word for pediatrician
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Translated sentences containing 'pediatrician'
They follow that pediatrician.
Ellos siguen a ese pediatra.
The pediatrician undestands the children
El pediatra entiende a los niños
The girl is running away from the pediatrician to go after her mother.
La niña está huyendo del pediatra por seguir a su mamá.
My father is bringing the child for a chek-up with the pediatrician.
Mi papá está trayendo al niño a consulta con el pediatra.
The pediatrician laughs with the children.
El pediatra ríe con los niños.
The child is lying to the pediatrician.
El niño está mintiendo al pediatra.
She laughs with the pediatrician.
Ella ríe con el pediatra.
The child smiles to the pediatrician
El niño sonríe al pediatra
The pediatrician corrects the prescription.
El pediatra corrige la receta.
My mother leaves with the pediatrician.
Mi mamá sale con el pediatra.
Andrés follows the pediatrician
Andrés sigue al pediatra.
The pediatrician thanks the nurse
El pediatra agradece a la enfermera.
The pediatrician gives candies to the children.
El pediatra da dulces a los niños.

Madam President, Robert Debré, the renowned pediatrician, used to say that our children are our eternity.
Señora Presidenta, el famoso pediatra, Robert Debré, acostumbraba decir de nuestros hijos: son nuestra eternidad.
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