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Spanish Word: pasta
The Spanish Word for paste
Now you know how to say paste in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'paste'
Copy and paste the data from the main document.
Copie y pegue los datos del documento principal.
Copy and paste the data from the main document.
Copie y pegue los datos del documento principal.

Ninety per cent of these amendments are a copy-and-paste of the committee report with cosmetic changes.
El noventa por ciento de esas enmiendas consisten en simples recortes sacados del informe de la comisión, con cambios puramente superficiales.
Insofar as this is a cut-and-paste of the European Constitution, it deserves to be put to a referendum on ratification in each country, starting with France and the Netherlands.
En la medida en que este texto es un cortar y pegar de la Constitución Europea, merece que cada país organice un referéndum de ratificación, comenzando por Francia y los Países Bajos.
They spend their time, from sunrise to sunset, turning coca leaf into coca paste, which will eventually be used as the base for cocaine.
Pasan el tiempo, de sol a sol, transformando las hojas en pasta de coca, que luego servirá como base para la cocaína.
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