Spanish Word for painter  

English Word: painter

Spanish Word: el pintor
The Spanish Word for painter
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Translated sentences containing 'painter'
What I like most is the range of pastel colours used by the painter
A mí lo que más me gusta es la gama de colores pasteles que utiliza el pintor.
Have you noticed that this painter uses in this painting the dark-light technique?
¿Te has fijado que este pintor utiliza en este lienzo la técnica del claro-oscuro?
Many art teachers told him that he would never be a professional painter.
Muchos maestros de arte le dijeron que nunca iba a ser un pintor profesional.
I'm going to see the painter who I talked to you all about yesterday.
Voy a ver al pintor de quien les hablé ayer.
Goya, whose paintings are exhibited at the museum, was also a Court painter.
Goya, cuyas obras están expuestas en el museo, fue también pintor de la Corte.
It is the painter whose works were shown in Madrid.
Es el pintor cuyas obras fueron expuestas en Madrid.
I met a very famous painter yesterday.
Ayer conocí a un pintor muy famoso.
He was a painter that was misunderstood in his time.
Fue un pintor incomprendido de su época.
He is a great cubist painter.
Es un gran pintor cubista.
Pablo Picasso was a very famous painter.
Pablo Picasso era un pintor muy famoso.

That is where the term 'painter syndrome' comes from.
De aquí proviene el término "síndrome del pintor».
In Denmark, we call it the painter syndrome.
En Dinamarca lo llamamos el síndrome del pintor.
If I call in a painter, I want him to paint the wall properly when he comes.
Si llamo a un pintor, quiero que pinte la pared bien cuando venga.
Perhaps in a few years a painter will create a similar work which he will call 'Srebrenica'.
Quizá un artista pinte dentro de algunos años una obra similar y la bautice Srebenica.
Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, if the Belgian painter Magritte had painted the first railway package directives, he would have written underneath 'These are not directives'.
Señor Presidente, señor Comisario, Señorías, si el pintor belga Magritte hubiera pintado las directivas del primer paquete ferroviario habría escrito debajo: "estas no son Directivas".
To Felipe the painter, his wife Elpis and his son Ernesto, two years old, all three of whom disappeared in Pinochet's Chile.
A Felipe, el pintor, a su mujer Elpida y a su hijo Ernesto, de dos años, quienes desaparecieron en el Chile de Pinochet.
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