Spanish Word for last-night  

English Word: last night

Spanish Word: anoche
The Spanish Word for last night
Now you know how to say last night in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'last night'
last night
Did you eat with Mary last night?
¿Comiste con María anoche?
We regret staying out so late last night.
Nos arrepentimos de quedarnos hasta tarde anoche.
I did the homework last night.
Yo hice la tarea anoche.
I did the homework last night.
Yo hice la tarea anoche.
The teacher wanted me to do the homework last night.
El profesor quería que yo hiciera la tarea anoche.
Last night I dreamed I was dancing with Pedro.
Anoche soñé que estaba bailando con Pedro.
Do you know if Mary did the homework last night?
¿Sabes si María hizo la tarea anoche?
I was hoping that Mary would do the homework last night.
Yo esperaba que María hiciera la tarea anoche.
You studied ver hard last night, didn't you?
Uds. estudiaron mucho anoche, ¿verdad?
Ana would have watered the flowers last night!
¡Ana hubiera regado las flores anoche!
Last night I wanted to go to bed early but I couldn't because I had to do my homework.
Anoche yo quería acostarme temprano, pero no pude porque tuve que hacer mis tareas.
We didn't sleep well last night.
Nosotros no dormimos bien anoche.
Who did you see last night?
¿A quién viste ayer por la noche?
We arrived home very late last night.
Llegamos a casa muy tarde anoche.
Mary wanted me to go to the drug store last night.
María quería que yo fuera a la farmacia anoche.
Did you feel bad after supper last night?
¿Se sintió Ud. mal después de la cena anoche?
Since last night. It is so hot.
Desde anoche. Hace mucho calor.
I called you last night but you were not home.
Te llamé anoche, pero no estabas en casa.
This movie is more interesting than the one we saw last night.
Esta película es más interesante que la que vimos anoche.

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