Spanish Word for exhibiting  

English Word: exhibiting

Spanish Word: exhibiendo, exhibir
The Spanish Word for exhibiting
Now you know how to say exhibiting in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'exhibiting'
When it's exhibiting, I'll take photos and send them to you so that you call can see them.
Cuando exponga, sacaré fotos y las mandaré para que podáis verlas.

Obviously he finds them interesting and worth exhibiting.
Evidentemente, las considera interesantes y dignas de ser puestas a la vista.
We are currently facing our most severe crisis, and you are exhibiting irresponsible behaviour.
Actualmente nos enfrentamos a una crisis muy grave, y ustedes están exhibiendo un comportamiento irresponsable.
Mr President, may I thank you for the patience and good humour you are exhibiting in this session.
Señor Presidente, déjeme darle las gracias por su paciencia y por las muestras de su buen humor en esta sesión.
What is the outcome of the cases already forwarded to the public prosecutor (including the list of projects exhibiting highly substandard work)?
¿Cuál es el resultado de los expedientes -con la lista de las obras que presentan graves deficiencias- ya enviados al fiscal?
Not for the first time, the European Parliament is exhibiting an optimism that makes Doctor Pangloss sound like Cassandra.
No es la primera vez que el Parlamento Europeo muestra un entusiasmo tan desaforado que hace que el profesor Pangloss parezca Cassandra.
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