Spanish Word for difficult  

English Word: difficult

Spanish Word: difícil, duro, no fácil
The Spanish Word for difficult
Now you know how to say difficult in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'difficult'
We were sent a letter: let’s answer it. I don't think it's too difficult to do.
Nos fue enviada una carta: respondámosla. No creo que sea demasiado difícil de hacer.
You must choose a difficult password for security.
Hay que elegir una contraseña difícil por seguridad.
It's difficult for young graduates to enter the workforce.
La inserción de los jóvenes diplomados es difícil.
We had never taken a course as difficult as this.
Nunca habíamos tomado un curso tan difícil.
They wouldn't speak to us like that, but their situation is difficult.
No nos hablarían ellos de esa manera, pero su situación es difícil.
Either he's tired, or it's too difficult.
O está cansado o es demasiado difícil.
For Mary the exam was very difficult.
Para María el examen fue difícil.
What's going to be difficult is the expressions.
Lo que va a ser difícil, son las expresiones.
The difficult thing was to become accustomed to the accent.
Lo difícil fue acostumbrarse al acento.
It is a song difficult to hear.
Es una canción difícil de escuchar.
They were some very difficult opposition.
Eran unas oposiciones tan difíciles.
It is difficult to do the same job every day.
Es difícil hacer el mismo trabajo todos los días.
I realize that it is difficult.
Me doy cuenta de que es difícil.
I would prefer taking a route that is not too difficult
Yo preferiría hacer una ruta de no demasiada dificultad
The task is difficult.
La tarea es difícil.
The tasks are difficult.
Las tareas son difíciles.
My exam is difficult.
Mi examen es difícil.
Doing the same job every day is difficult.
Es difícil hacer el mismo trabajo todos los días.
Learning a language is very difficult.
El aprendizaje de un idioma es muy complicado.
The professor's books are difficult.
Los libros des profesor son difíciles.

It is difficult, is it not?
Es difícil, ¿no?
This is very, very difficult.
Es muy, muy difícil.
So it has been difficult.
Por eso ha sido difícil.
This is more and more difficult.
Cada vez es más difícil.
It is not very difficult.
No es muy difícil.
It is very, very difficult.
Realmente es muy, muy difícil.
It would not be so difficult.
No sería tan difícil.
It is a difficult treaty that is difficult to understand.
Es un Tratado complejo, de difícil comprensión.
They have had a difficult task, a very difficult task.
Tenían una difícil tarea, muy difícil.
He has a difficult task.
La suya es una difícil tarea.
It is a difficult matter.
Se trata de un asunto difícil.
That makes it more difficult.
Eso dificulta las cosas.
We all knew that it was difficult for you.
Todos sabíamos que lo tenía difícil.
It is very difficult to change it.
Es muy difícil cambiarlo.
I appreciate that this is difficult.
Soy consciente de que resulta difícil.
That was really most difficult.
Eso fue lo más difícil.
But this is extremely difficult.
Pero eso es algo muy difícil.
It is complicated and it is difficult.
Esto es complicado y difícil.
That is why this issue is so difficult.
Por eso este asunto es tan difícil.
We know that it is very difficult.
Sabemos que es muy difícil.
Why were the negotiations difficult?
¿Por qué la negociación resultó difícil?
That was difficult enough in itself.
Ha sido bastante difícil.
For some of them it has been, and continues to be, difficult.
Para algunos de ellos ha sido, y sigue siendo, muy difícil.
It is a difficult subject.
Es un tema difícil.
She had a very difficult job to do.
Tenía un trabajo muy difícil.
This is not difficult to understand.
Esto no es difícil de entender.
It must not be too difficult.
No tiene que ser demasiado difícil.
It is a difficult time.
Es un momento difícil.
This is going to be more difficult.
Será más difícil.
This is rather difficult, but there it is ...
Es bastante complicado, pero ahí está...
We know how difficult it is.
Sabemos lo difícil que es.
It is a difficult tightrope.
Es como andar en la cuerda floja.
What is it that makes it so difficult for them to do that?
¿Por qué les resulta tan difícil hacerlo?
It is difficult but it is possible.
Es difícil, pero posible.
It is very difficult indeed.
Efectivamente es muy complicada.
It is a very difficult question.
Es una pregunta muy difícil.
I know it was difficult.
Sé que ha sido difícil.
I am aware that this is difficult.
Sé que es difícil.
It is a very difficult battle.
Es una batalla difícil.
If so, it becomes very difficult.
En tal caso eso resulta muy difícil.
The road has been difficult.
El camino ha sido difícil.
This is a difficult balance.
Se trata de un difícil equilibrio.
It is not a difficult thing to do.
No es difícil.
It would be difficult to be any clearer.
Resultaría difícil expresarlo con mayor claridad.
I know that it is difficult.
Sé que es difícil.
It is difficult to quantify.
Resulta difícil de cuantificar.
I know it is difficult.
Sé que es difícil.
It is a difficult problem.
El problema es difícil.
This is what makes it so difficult.
Eso es lo que lo hace tan difícil.
Is that so difficult to understand?
¿Tan difícil es de entender?
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