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Spanish Word: muerto[Verb]
The Spanish Word for died
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Translated sentences containing 'died'
They were saying that the president died in an accident.
Estaban diciendo que el presidente murió en un accidente.
It is the woman whose son has died.
Es la mujer cuyo hijo se ha muerto.
My father died of cancer.
Mi padre murió de cáncer.
He became a widower when his wife died.
Al morir su esposa se quedó viudo.
My grandfather died last year.
Mi abuelito se murió el año pasado.
People will have died of starvation by the time the assistance gets there.
Hasta que la ayuda llegue allí la gente ya habrá muerto de hambre.
Because he wasn´t aided immediately, they couldn´t do anything and he died.
Al no haber sido socorrido de inmediato, nada pudieron hacer y murió.
Today you will know the causes from which the king died.
Hoy sabrán de qué murió el rey.
My mother died last year.
Mi madre murió el año pasado.
His father died a week ago.
Su padre murió hace una semana.
The man, whose mother died, wrote her biography.
El hombre, cuya madre murió, escribió su biografía.
345 people died in the accident.
En el accidente murieron 345 personas.
The last plant I bought at that flower shop died after a week.
La última planta que compré en esa floristería se me marchitó después de una semana.
The last plant I bought at that flower shop died in two days.
La última planta que compré en esa floristería se me secó a los dos días.
He died in July 31, 2001.
Murió el 31 de julio del 2001.
He died happier than a lot of rich people.
El murió mucho más feliz que muchos ricos.
Many people died in the Mexican War of Independence.
Muchas personas murieron en la Guerra de la Independencia Mexicana.
She died peacefully.
Ella falleció apaciblemente.
I was ten years old when my father died.
Yo tenía diez años cuando mi padre murió.
She was out of town when her mother died.
Ella estaba fuera de la ciudad cuando su madre murió.

But all those children who have died are not.
Pero todos esos niños que murieron, no.
It is because her husband has died.
Porque su marido ha fallecido.
Most of those who died were women.
La mayoría de los muertos son mujeres.
It is likely that they have died.
Es probable que hayan muerto.
He died at the scene.
Murió en la escena del crimen.
More people have died in Teddy Kennedy's car than have died of phthalates!
Han muerto más personas en el coche de Teddy Kennedy que a consecuencia de los ftalatos.
In March, her husband died of cancer.
En marzo, murió de cáncer su marido.
He had subsequently died from their kicks and punches.
Sus golpes y patadas le causaron luego la muerte.
At that time, 17 prisoners had died.
Había entonces 17 prisioneros que habían muerto.
It appears that the scientist died from the virus.
Parece ser que el científico murió a causa del virus.
My mother died in January.
Mi madre falleció en enero.
It was those at the bottom of the heap who died.
Los que han muerto son gente humilde.
An old man died at the checkpoint.
Un anciano murió en un control.
It died in Paris and has been buried in Holland.
Murió en París y ha sido enterrada en los Países Bajos.
More than 60 civilians died.
Más de 60 civiles fallecieron.
   – Mr President, a man died.
   – Señor Presidente, un hombre ha muerto.
They died because they demanded bread and freedom.
Murieron por exigir pan y libertad.
In other words, he was almost dead before he died.
En otras palabras, ya casi estaba muerto antes de morir.
The problem is that, this time, men have died.
El problema es que esta vez han muerto personas.
The European Constitution has not ‘died’.
La Constitución Europea no ha «muerto».
The woman died of her burns.
La mujer murió por las quemaduras.
Three of those who died in the fires came from there.
Tres personas de las que han muertos en los incendios eran oriundas de allí.
He died after having helped me with this report.
Falleció después de haberme ayudado con este informe.
Most just worked and died.
La mayoría simplemente trabajaban y morían.
It was not only the population of Soviet Ukraine that died.
No solo murió la población de la Ucrania soviética.
He died on the way to Catania.
Murió de camino a Catania.
He died after a long hunger strike.
Ha muerto tras una larga huelga de hambre.
Article K9 died of its own inadequacy.
El artículo K9 ha fracasado en sus propias insuficiencias.
My mother died a month ago.
Mi madre murió hace un mes.
But the cost of this was that the Philistines and Samson died.
Pues bien, lo hicieron a trueque de que murieran los filisteos y Sansón.
In one camp 160 have died.
En un campo han muerto 160 refugiados.
The news programmes reported that they died of cold. In fact, they died of poverty.
En las noticias se dijo que se murieron de frío, pero en realidad se murieron de pobreza.
In Zambia 25% of teachers have died of AIDS.
En Zambia, el 25% de los maestros ha muerto a consecuencia del sida.
In this conflict, far too many people have died.
En ese conflicto han muerto demasiadas personas.
We know that 5,000 Moluccans have died.
Sabemos que han muerto 5.000 molucos.
21 people are thought to have died in the floods.
Al parecer, 21 personas perecieron en las inundaciones.
In Asia, 250 people have died this year.
En Asia, este año han muerto 250 personas.
Nearly six million people have died.
Ya han causado la muerte a cerca de seis millones de personas.
Tell the Iraqis who have died that this is legitimate resistance.
Díganle a los iraquíes que han muerto que esto es resistencia legítima.
There was a curfew, so no doctor went out to him, and he therefore died.
Había toque de queda, así que ningún médico le atendió y el niño murió.
Fifteen children - a quarter of the residents - died.
Quince niños, una cuarta parte de los residentes, murieron.
Six million Poles died in that war.
Seis millones de polacos murieron en esa guerra.
Three children have died of malaria while I have been speaking.
Tres niños han muerto de malaria durante mi intervención.
In Greece, entire towns have literally died.
En Grecia, pequeñas ciudades enteras han muerto literalmente.
No one has ever died of hypocrisy, of course.
Nadie ha muerto nunca de hipocresía, claro.
We still do not know how many people died.
Seguimos sin conocer cuantas personas murieron.
We owe that to those who died for their belief in a free Europe.
Eso es lo que debemos a los que murieron por creer en una Europa libre.
Without Libya, hundreds of innocents would not have died.
Sin la intervención de Libia no hubieran muerto cientos de inocentes.
Seven people died, out of whom two were children.
Murieron siete personas, de las que dos eran niños.
Dolly the Sheep died ill and malformed.
La oveja Dolly murió enferma, deforme.
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