Spanish Word for curvature  

English Word: curvature

Spanish Word: curvatura
The Spanish Word for curvature
Now you know how to say curvature in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'curvature'
There is a problem with the curvature of your eye.
Hay un problema con la curvatura de su ojo.

It causes curvature of the spine.
Provoca el encorvamiento de la columna vertebral.
The purpose of the European Union is not to be concerned about the curvature of cucumbers.
El propósito de la Unión Europea no es preocuparse por la curvatura de los pepinos; y lo mismo se aplica al tamaño de las pizzas.
If we want regional economic cycles, we need to focus on quality and not on degrees of curvature.
Si queremos ciclos económicos regionales, tenemos que centrarnos en la calidad y no en los lados de curvatura.
The fact that you were able to buy it means that its size and curvature conform to European standards.
El hecho de que haya podido comprarlo significa que su tamaño y curvatura se ajustan a la normativa europea.
Because the fact is that it makes no sense to have common rules on the curvature of a cucumber or the size of strawberries.
El hecho de tener normas comunes para la curvatura de los pepinos y el tamaño del fresón no carece de sensatez.
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