Spanish Word for considerable  

English Word: considerable

Spanish Word: notable, considerable, respetable
The Spanish Word for considerable
Now you know how to say considerable in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'considerable'
He pays a considerable amount as tax.
Él paga una considerable suma de impuestos.

This is a considerable percentage.
Es un porcentaje considerable.
That is a considerable advantage.
Se trata de una ventaja considerable.
That is of considerable importance.
Esto es de una importancia considerable.
If we did this it would be a considerable advance.
Me parece que si hacemos lo que acabo de decir habremos conseguido un progreso considerable.
That is a considerable difference!
Esta es una diferencia objetiva esencial.
We know that there are democratic deficits and that they are considerable.
Sabemos que hay déficit democráticos, déficit democráticos importantes.
We have considerable influence as a major donor.
Nosotros tenemos una considerable influencia como donante principal.
I have said that the job losses were very considerable.
He dicho que la pérdida de puestos de trabajo ha sido muy considerable.
There is a considerable need to improve the legislation.
La necesidad de mejorara la normativa es manifiesta.
Considerable progress has been achieved so far.
Hasta ahora se han hecho progresos considerables.
In fact the risk is considerable.
En realidad, este riesgo es bastante alto.
The difference is thus quite considerable.
Existe por consiguiente una diferencia muy sustancial.
The scale of the earthquake was considerable.
La magnitud del terremoto es importante.
The financial implications are considerable.
Las consecuencias financieras son considerables.
This is a considerable problem which has been around for years.
Con ello, esbozamos un amplio problema que existe ya desde hace años.
This work obviously has considerable dynamism.
En este trabajo hay, obviamente, un gran dinamismo.
She has made considerable progress.
Ella ha logrado unos avances considerables.
In some of these areas, considerable progress was made.
En algunos de estos ámbitos, se han podido realizar progresos tangibles.
This is an issue which is of considerable importance to people.
Este es un tema de considerable importancia para las personas.
This is a considerable number, and it is obviously unacceptable.
Es considerable, incluso casi inadmisible, evidentemente.
It has considerable social impact too.
As I said, there are still considerable deficits.
Sigue habiendo, como he dicho, considerables carencias.
I have considerable regard for Bruno Trentin but?
A pesar de toda la estima que tengo por Bruno Trentin...
This is indeed a considerable achievement.
Se trata realmente de un logro considerable.
However, there is considerable disagreement as to what should be done about this.
Sin embargo, no hay acuerdo respecto a qué debe hacerse.
The difference is therefore considerable.
La diferencia es por tanto bastante considerable.
They are still not all that considerable, but we know where the boundaries are.
Todavía no son muy amplios, pero sabemos cuáles son los límites.
This report highlights some considerable challenges.
Este informe pone de relieve algunos desafíos considerables.
This is a considerable step forward.
Es un cambio considerable.
We have considerable experience of it in the country where I come from.
En el país del que procedo tenemos bastante experiencia en este tema.
This represents a considerable achievement.
This brings with it considerable risks for the drivers.
Esto comporta riesgos considerables para los conductores.
The report we have here has considerable impact.
El informe que tenemos ante nosotros tiene un efecto notable.
There is considerable scope for improvement here.
Queda mucho por mejorar en este terreno.
That is a considerable step forward.
Este es un gran paso hacia delante.
There has therefore been a considerable lack of efficiency.
Por lo tanto se ha producido una importante falta de eficiencia.
Considerable progress has been made.
Se han hecho avances importantes.
There is considerable emotion in the House regarding this.
La Cámara está muy sensibilizada en este tema.
Up to now there have been considerable problems in achieving this.
Hasta ahora se han producido todo tipo de problemas a la hora de ponerlo en práctica.
However, we have a considerable margin in 2004.
Sin embargo, tenemos un margen considerable en 2004.
This represents a considerable challenge.
I am indebted to them both for their considerable help and support.
We are making a considerable effort in this direction.
Ya estamos haciendo un esfuerzo considerable en este sentido.
We have discussed this matter in considerable detail.
Hemos debatido este tema con gran detenimiento.
It raises issues of considerable importance.
Plantea asuntos de notable importancia.
Mr President, your workload is considerable.
Señor Presidente, el volumen de trabajo al que debe hacer frente es considerable.
In my opinion, this is a considerable step forwards.
En mi opinión, esto supone un paso adelante considerable.
This, too, represents considerable progress.
Esto supone también un progreso notable.
We need to make considerable progress.
Necesitamos conseguir avances considerables.
He has considerable expertise on this subject.
Es una persona muy especializada en la materia.
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