Spanish Word for cavity  

English Word: cavity

Spanish Word: cavidad
The Spanish Word for cavity
Now you know how to say cavity in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'cavity'
I found a cavity during the exam.
Encontré una carie durante el examen.
He has a cavity.
Tiene una muela picada.

Secondly, cavity implementations on 'light' metal walls have two potential problems.
En segundo lugar, los compartimentos a base de metal "ligero» presentan dos problemas en potencia.
Azocolourants are dyes which release cancer-causing aromatic amines if they come into contact with human skin or with the mouth cavity.
Los colorantes azoicos liberan aminas aromáticas con efectos carcinógenos cuando permanecen en contacto con la piel o la cavidad bucal humanas.
Other measures include installation of full central heating systems, or the provision of insulation in cavity walls or lofts.
Otras medidas incluyen la instalación de sistemas de calefacción central o el aislamiento de paredes huecas o desvanes.
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