Spanish Word for away  

English Word: away

Spanish Word: lejos, camino
The Spanish Word for away
Now you know how to say away in Spanish. :-)
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Translated sentences containing 'away'
They are putting away Robert's car. They are putting his car away.
Ellas están guardando el carro a Roberto. Ellas están guardándole el carro.
My dog ran away.
Mi perro se escapó.
When you have played enough, put the toys away.
Cuando tú hayas jugado, guarda los juguetes.
When he has run in the motorcycle, put it away in the garage.
Cuando él haya corrido en la motocicleta, guárdala en el garaje.
We knew who won right away.
Supimos quién ganó enseguida.
Do I prepare your order to eat it here or to take away?
¿Le preparo el pedido para tomar aquí o para llevar?
I don't throw anything away, I try to make use of everything.
Yo no tiro nada, intento aprovecharlo todo.
to put away the clothes
guardar la ropa
When the cast is taken away, I will have to do a month of rehabilitation.
Cuando me quiten la escayola, tendré que hacer un mes de rehabilitación.
Don't take the frying pan away from the fire!
¡ No retire usted la sartén del fuego !
The innocent one advises him to put them away.
El inocente le aconseja que los guarde.
Go away! Don't touch me!
¡Váyase ! ¡No me toque!
I hope that your headache goes away soon.
Espero que pronto se te pase el dolor de cabeza.
Throw away the trash
Tire la basura
The children put the toys away and now they are doing their homework.
Los niños pusieron los juguetes en su lugar y ahora hacen su tarea.
Perhaps I threw it away without noticing.
Tal vez lo tiré sin darme cuenta.
I want those pencils over there.
Quiero aquellos lápices.
I want those newspapers over there.
Quiero aquellos periódicos.
Yes, yes mom. I'll be there right away.
Sí, sí, mamá. Voy en seguida.
I want those skirts over there.
Quiero aquellas faldas.

We have to move away from this.
Tenemos que abandonar esa vía.
We should move away from that.
Deberíamos modificar esa actitud.
You have shied away from it!
La han rehuido.
They did not: they walked away.
No lo hicieron: se fueron.
They have not gone away.
No han desaparecido.
Do not give it away!
¡No la regalen!
There is no walking away from them.
No hay manera de eludirlas.
They are all going away!
Todo el mundo se marcha.
We have to move away from this.
Es preciso que acabemos con esto.
There is no one keeping them away: they are keeping themselves away.
Nadie los excluye; son ellos los que se excluyen a sí mismos.
He runs away from the debate and he runs away from the reality.
Se escapa del debate y se escapa de la realidad.
We will not get away from nuclear power straight away.
La humanidad no escapará tan pronto a la energía nuclear.
We are a month and a half away from Copenhagen, just a few weeks away.
Estamos a mes y medio de Copenhague, a unas pocas semanas.
By now they are far away.
Hoy están lejos.
This means that we move away from shredding.
Esto se debe a que hemos abandonado el cizallamiento.
BSE has certainly not gone away.
La EEB no ha desaparecido.
And it is not going to go away.
El problema sigue planteado.
It cannot take it away from Kosovo.
No puede detraerlo de Bosnia, ni tampoco de Kosovo.
Let us not throw it away.
No desperdiciemos la oportunidad.
For that reason the EU should not shy away from it.
Por ello, la UE no debe ignorar esta fórmula.
We must not shy away from it.
Y no podemos evitarlo.
There is no getting away from this fact.
Éste es un hecho irrefutable.
Does this document signal a move away from that?
¿Significa, por consiguiente, el documento un alejamiento de esto?
But why not take advantage of that straight away?
Pero ¿por qué no sacamos provecho de esa situación ahora?
We need not be carried away by our emotions.
Lo que no necesitamos ahora son alteraciones del ánimo.
We must move away from this situation.
Tenemos que salir de este círculo.
These problems have not, of course, gone away.
Esos problemas no han desaparecido.
I think that we should do away with the register.
Creo que hay que eliminar el registro.
He took his bag and marched away.
Ha cogido la bolsa y se ha marchado.
We are not giving anything away here.
En este punto no vamos a hacer regalos.
That right has been taken away from them today.
Ese derecho se les ha usurpado hoy.
There is no getting away from this issue.
No es posible evitar este asunto.
Perhaps I should do so straight away.
Voy a comenzar enseguida.
For this more money is needed right away.
Es necesario aportarle más dinero de forma inmediata.
Even if we did want to, we could not take it away from you.
Incluso si lo quisiéramos hacer, no podríamos quitárselo a ustedes.
The Politician's corpse was borne away,
el cadáver del político era llevado,
Should we do away with fishing altogether?
¿Deberíamos hacer desaparecer la actividad pesquera?
We must not, however, shy away from this.
Sin embargo, no debemos alejarnos del objetivo principal.
There is no need to shy away from this.
No hay ninguna necesidad de asustarse de esto.
This issue will not go away.
Este problema no va a desaparecer.
He would do better to stay away.
Haría mejor en no asistir.
At the moment it looks more as if we are moving away from them.
Por el momento, parece como si nos estuviéramos alejando de ellos.
How can they get away with it?
¿Cómo pueden salir impunes?
I cannot reply to all these details straight away.
No puedo responder ahora mismo a todos estos detalles.
It is a good thing that we have moved away from this.
Y es bueno que hayamos cambiado de actitud.
If we move away from that we are in peril.
Si nos alejamos de ese principio, estaremos en peligro.
That is throwing money away.
Eso es tirar dinero.
This matter is not going to go away.
Este problema no va a desaparecer por sí solo.
I hope we do not throw it away.
Espero que no la desperdiciemos.
The first challenge is to do away with protectorates.
El primer desafío es poner fin a los protectorados.
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