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Spanish Word: verboso

English Translation: wordily

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  atravesado - oblique, slanting, sloped, slopingly,...
  cifra - digit, figure, numeral
  calmo - calm (adj)
  egipcíaco - egyptian
  vivido - undergoes, undergone
  rotulador - marker, felt-tip pen
  calefacción central - central heating
  plática - conversation
  prognosis - prognosis
  paracaidista - parachutist, paratrooper
  de secretaria - secretarial
  guardavía - signalman
  aquellos - those
  suyo - to be, to be at, were
  omnipotencia - omnipotence
  caballeroso - chivalrous
  prohibido - forbidden, prohibited
  portada - title page
  tornillo - clamp (screw), screw
  humillante - humiliating

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