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Spanish Word: el valemadrista, la valemadrista

English Translation: apathetic person, person who does not care what is going on

More Spanish -> English Translations
  la urbanidad - politeness, courtesy
  la venta - sale, the act of selling.
  el taburete - stool (type of furniture)
  la tacha - imperfection, defect, stain, flaw,...
  taciturno - sad, gloomy, taciturn, not talkative,...
  la tajada - slice or piece of food, share or...
  la temporalidad - temporary nature, temporal nature,...
  el trompazo - bump (from something moving), vehicle...
  tumefacto - swollen
  la tiza - chalk, piece of chalk
  el tobillo - ankle
  la toalla - towel
  el tiovivo - merry-go-round, carousel
  el terno - set of three, trio, a suit or other...
  tinto - red (when said of wine), dyed,...
  el tío - uncle, guy (informal usage to refer...
  el tatuaje - tattoo, the act or practice of tattooing
  el tazón - bowl
  la trucha - trout
  taurino - having to do with bullfighting

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