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Spanish Word: usura

English Translation: usuries, usury

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  sacerdotisa - priestess
  malcriado - unmannerly
  erupcion - eruption, outbreak, raptures, rash
  azucarero - sugar bowl, sugarbowl
  entusiasmo - enthusiasm
  exacerbación - exacerbation
  volver grosero - coarsen
  gres - freestone, sandstone
  disensión - dissension
  enviar correo - send mail
  ofrecer amistad - befriend
  libertino - uncurbed, unhalted, unrestrained
  campo abierto - outfield
  regularidad - regularity
  acosamiento - chase, pursuit
  disfrute - enjoyment, pleasure
  connecticut - connecticut
  fotográfico - photographic
  mecanismo - mechanism
  rizos - crimp

Popular Phrase: free spanish games for | Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation | Conjugated Verb: chocar - to shock; to startle; to be suprising, startling; to collide, crash [ click for full conjugation ]