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Spanish Word: transcendental

English Translation: very important, very significant, momentous, transcendent

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  sobremanera - greatly, exceedingly
  autónomo - autonomous, self-governing,...
  el contratiempo - setback, mishap, problem with getting...
  el autostopista, la autostopista, el autoestopista, la autoestopista - hitchhiker
  subsanable - solvable, fixable, rectifiable
  el bipartidismo - two-party political system
  antideslizante - anti-skid, nonskid, anti-slip, nonslip
  el yerno, la yerna - son-in-law, daughter-in-law
  WC, W.C. - toilet (abbreviation of <i>water...
  el zafiro - sapphire
  el zutano, la zutana - so-and-so (referring to a person),...
  la zanahoria - carrot
  el zapapico - pickax, pickaxe
  el yate - yacht
  la xilografía - wood engraving, the practice of...
  el yeísmo - pronouncing the Spanish <i>ll</i> and...
  el yodo - iodine
  el zapping - the practice of changing channels or...
  la yuxtaposición - juxtaposition
  la yacimiento - mineral deposit, mineral bed, oil...

Popular Phrase: preterite of comer | Spanish / English Dictionary | Conjugated Verb: desanudar - to untie, to undo, to unknot [ click for full conjugation ]