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Spanish Word: tramite

English Translation: official channels

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  linoleo - linoleum
  pichi - jumper
  derrotista - defeatist
  bálsamo - balm, balsam
  hacia arriba - upward
  distorsión - distortion
  rigidez - rigidity, stiffness
  esotérico - esoteric
  defensa - fender, defence, defense
  ráfaga - gust
  reclamación - complaint, reclamation
  sicofante - sycophant
  muleta - crutch
  eslovaco - slovak
  jornal - wage
  herrumbroso - rustily
  monografía - monograph
  dispendio - expenditure, expenpiture, expense,...
  semifinal - semifinal
  barroso - loamy

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