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Spanish Word: subterfugio

English Translation: subterfuge

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  rezago - arrearage, arrears, backlock, residue
  gurú - guru
  designacion - creation, nomination
  neuralgia - neuralgia
  cabestro - halter
  accesible - accessable, accessible, accessibly,...
  tener sed - to be thirsty
  aeropuerto - airport
  organo - organ
  ampliacion - augmentation, enlargement, upgrading
  cóncavo - concave, dished
  curativo - curative
  tenencia - possession
  espinilla - shin, blackhead
  deportivo - sporty, sporting
  amazona - horsewoman
  trote - trot
  recompensa - reward
  balsasalvavidas - dinghy, rubber dinghy
  jinete - equestrian, horseman, rider

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