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Spanish Word: sin igual

English Translation: matchless

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  lejos de - far from
  italiano - Italian
  púlpito - pulpit
  ónix - onyx
  ceguera - blindness
  ascua - embers, fervour
  votacion - tuning
  pagado - paid, disburses
  postre - dessert
  electrico - elec, electrical
  reunión - meeting, joining, junction
  indignidad - indignity
  ovulación - ovulation
  sinceridad - heartiness, sincerity
  renacido - born-again
  amarradero - landing-stage, pier
  gratas - at no charge, cost free, freebie
  fraccionario - fractional
  marcial - martial
  opresión - oppression

Popular Phrase: what is blue in | Conjugated Verb: querer - to want, love (preterite: to attempt, to try) [ click for full conjugation ]