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Spanish Word: simulado

English Translation: make-believe, simulated

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  cortada - cut (v) (n)
  mentirijilla - fib
  se despierta - get up
  intermitentes - turn signals
  coqueton - charmingly, delightful
  corruptible - corruptible
  inhumanidad - inhumanity
  nutritivo - nourishing, nutritious
  capricornio - capricorn
  havana - havana
  trágico - tragedian, tragic
  reanudación - resumption
  señuelo - decoy, lure
  cariñoso - loving, endearing
  enema - enema
  planificacion - design
  recomendable - recommendable
  terminacion - determining, ending, termination
  dispuesto - minded
  nudoso - gnarled, knotty

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