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Spanish Word: rocambolesco

English Translation: far-fetched, incredible, hard to believe, ludicrous

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  el reloj - clock, watch, timepiece
  rojizo - reddish
  el refresco - soft drink, liquid refreshment, soda...
  el refugio - refuge, shelter
  el regazo - lap
  la rutina - routine
  rudo - rough (said of things or people),...
  rotundo - emphatic, definitive, categorical,...
  la rosquilla - ring-shaped pastry, doughnut
  roñoso - filthy, dirty, mean, rusty, miserly,...
  la ronda - song of endearment, group of...
  el romero, la romera - pilgrim
  el rascacielos - skyscraper
  el rasguño - scratch
  el querellante, la querellante - plaintiff in a legal action...
  quimérico - fanciful, highly improbable,...
  el quinceañero, la quinceañera - specifically, a 15-year-old, or, more...
  el quinqui, la quinqui - petty thief, delinquent, hoodlum
  el queso - cheese
  el quilate - carat, karat

Popular Phrase: how do you say | Conjugated Verb: calificar - to describe, to grade, to qualify [ click for full conjugation ]