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Spanish Word: repelente

English Translation: repellent

Translated sentences containing 'repelente'
Ojalá me hubiera traído el repelente.
I wish he had brought me the repellent.
No me puse repelente y me picaron.
I didn't put on any repellent and they bit me.
¿Tienes repelente?
Do you have repellent?
La imagen actual al cliente le sigue resultando casi repelente, puesto que le causa la impresión de un medio obsoleto, lento y complicado.
The current situation is still pretty off-putting for the public, which is given the impression that this is a fairly outdated, slow and complicated means of transport.
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  serpiente - snake, serpent
  permeable - diaphanous
  inesperado - unexpected
  danza - dance
  zanca - shank
  periodico - oscillatory, periodical
  argumentoso - argumentatively, disputatious, litigious
  cardenal - cardinal
  prospecto - prospectus
  civilizacion - civilisation, civilization
  acebo - holly
  masilla - lute, putty
  disolución - breakup, dilution
  por adelantado - advance (in)
  hispánico - Spanish
  día soleado - sunny day
  obstetricia - obstetrics
  prestar atencion - pay attention
  subterráneo - underground, subterranean
  hacia atrás - backward

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