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Spanish Word: razonado

English Translation: well considered

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  degradación - debasement, degradation
  sacrilegio - sacrilege
  overol - overalls
  individualidad - individuality
  funcional - functional
  efecto colateral - side-effect
  amoroso - in love
  núcleo - core, nucleus
  creado por - created by
  valorable - ratable
  receptivo - receptive
  intacto - intact
  espatula - putty, spade, spatula
  aleatoriamente - ramdomly
  retribución - retribution
  rábano picante - horseradish
  publicación - publication, publishing
  rítmico - rhythmic, rhythmical
  de compromiso - complimentary
  sedante - appeasing, calming, reassuring, salving

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