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Spanish Word: recomendación

English Translation: recommendation

Translated sentences containing 'recomendación'
¿Alguna recomendación para protegernos del huracán?
Any recommendations to prepare ourselves for the hurricane?
Déle la recomendación para que la lea.
Give him the recommendation so taht he reads it.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  reconozcan - pres. subj. of [reconocer]
  recostado,recostada - reclining
  recreo - recreation
  recto,recta - straight
  recuerdo - remembrance; =--s=, kind regards
  recuerdo - pres. of [recordar]
  recurso - recourse; pl., resources
  red - net
  redoblado,redoblada - double-quick
  redondel - disk
  refirió - past abs. of [referir]
  reflexión - reflection
  reflexivo,reflexiva - reflective, thoughtful
  refrán - proverb, saying
  regalo - present
  región - region, district
  regreso - return
  regular - regular, ordinary
  reino - kingdom
  relativo,relativa - relative

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