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Spanish Word: proliferación

English Translation: proliferation

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  de castigo - punitive
  forro exterior - sheathing
  obvio - obvious, evident
  fracción - fraction
  ordinal - ordinal
  parrafo - paragraph
  visera - visor
  egoísta - egoist, selfish, egoistic
  linaza - linseed
  temprano - early (adv)
  descarrilamiento - derailment
  costes compartidos - shared costs
  cadete - footboy, officeboy
  piadoso - pious, devotional, godly
  sin hijos - childless
  listo - clever, quick, ready, finished
  difamatorio - defamatory, libelous
  inculcado - ingrained
  comedero - eatable
  borujo - wads

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