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Spanish Word: problema

English Translation: problem, trouble

Translated sentences containing 'problema'
Juan, ¿terminó el informe del problema?
Juan, did you complete the problem report?
No, ¡ay de mí! ¡Ése es el problema!
No, pity me! That's the problem!
Es un problema importante.
It is an important problem.
La pobreza es un grave problema.
Poverty is a serious problem.
Hay un problema en la computadora.
There is a problem with the computer.
No habrá problema.
That will not be a problem.
   . – No hay problema.
    – There is no problem.
El verdadero problema es un problema social.
The real problem is a social one.
No un problema nuevo, sino un viejo problema.
You are not a new problem, but an old problem.
Este problema es un problema de confianza.
The problem is one of trust.
El problema político es otro problema.
The political problem is a different problem.
El problema kurdo no es un problema policial.
The Kurdish problem is not a police problem
Urge solucionar ese problema.
This question needs to be resolved urgently.
Un problema muy complicado.
It is a highly complex problem.
El problema sigue planteado.
And it is not going to go away.
Es un problema metodológico.
It is problem of method.
Aquí no existe ningún problema.
There is no problem there.
Quieren solucionar este problema.
They want to address this problem.
¡Este es el problema!
That is precisely the problem!
Esto no constituye ningún problema.
Nor is that in any way a problem.
Ése no es el problema.
This is not the issue.
¿Constituye realmente un problema?
Is there really a problem here?
No entiendo este problema.
I do not understand the problem.
Ahora no hay ningún problema.
Right now there is no problem.
Ése no es el problema.
This is not the problem.
Permite minimizar el problema.
It allows the problem to be minimised.
Es un gran problema.
This is a major problem.
No obstante, existe un problema.
However, there is a problem.
Es un verdadero problema.
This is a real problem.
Ahí hay un problema.
There is a problem here.
¿Dónde radica el problema?
Where, then, is the problem?
Es un problema importante.
That is a big problem.
Es un problema real.
That is a real problem.
Veo un problema adicional.
I see a further problem.
Este no es el problema.
This is not the problem.
No obstante, existe un problema.
There is a problem, however.
Este problema no va a desaparecer.
This issue will not go away.
Ese no es el problema.
That is not where the problem lies.
Es un problema grave.
This is a serious problem.
Hay otro problema más.
Then there is another problem.
Es un problema cierto.
It is a real problem.
Ese no es el problema.
That is not the problem.
Ahí está el problema.
That is where the problem lies.
Esto no me plantearía ningún problema.
I would have no problem with that.
Aquí existe un problema.
There is a problem here.
Todos conocemos este problema.
We all know about this.
Tenemos un problema institucional.
We have an institutional problem.
No es mi problema.
That is not my problem.
Pero tenemos un problema.
However, we have a problem.
Tenemos un grave problema.
We have a major problem.
Repito, es un problema.
Again it is an issue.
Evitemos este problema.
Let us avoid this problem.
Este no es el problema.
That is not the problem.
Es un problema preocupante.
This is a worrying issue.
Este problema no puede ignorarse.
This problem cannot be ignored.
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