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Spanish Word: pradera

English Translation: prairie

Translated sentences containing 'pradera'
Huelan ustedes las flores de la pradera.
Smell (you) the flowers of the grassland.
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  barcaza - barge
  cabezudo - bullish, thickheaded
  mas bien - rather, sooner
  cordobán - cordovan
  estrellado - shattered, starred, starry
  personas incapacitadas - disabled people
  ruso - russian
  cómodo - comfortable, homy
  clave - clef
  sanidad - health, healths, salubriousness,...
  predispuesto - prejudiced
  desahucio - eviction
  espada escocesa - claymore
  instintivo - instinctive
  con aprobación - approvingly
  metilo - methyl
  marimacho - tomboy
  charco - puddle
  trapacista - cheater, diddler
  separable - separable

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