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Spanish Word: postrado

English Translation: bedridden, prostrate

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  gomoso - gummy
  legado - bequest, legacy
  vuestro - your (plural), yours
  astucia - foxiness, guile, shiftiness
  ama o - aptness
  Éstos - these
  analista - annalist
  carótida - carotid
  cachondo - horny, lustful, lustily, randy
  adivino - fortune-teller, fortuneteller
  lugarteniente - lieutenant
  ofrenda - offering
  amable - friendly, kind (adj), nice (person),...
  dsur - southern
  preparatorio - preparatory
  fisco - exchequer, inland revenue
  cerezas - cherries
  bandaje - tyre
  intercesión - intercession
  perplejo - confounded, perplexed

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